Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Forecast

Clear skies currently here in Snowville with a chilly temperature of 27.1°F. At 2:30AM, Little River at Snowville was at 1.51 feet, which is slightly lower than the height of 1.64 feet on Sunday at 2AM. One area of high pressure is currently located off the SE Coast, while we have another high over New England this morning. A strong cold front is out over the eastern Great Plains with its associated low over Nebraska. This system may bring severe storms and flash flooding to the Gulf Coast states, and will likely provide the High Plains and Minnesota with heavy snow today.

None of that to worry about for us today though. Our area shouldn't have to deal with any precip until after midnight tonight, but expect some clouds to develop later this afternoon/evening as the cold front starts to approach from the west. Cloud cover is currently stationed over much of Kentucky and Tennessee, so it shouldn't take too long for that to arrive into our area. For today, expect clear skies early this morning, then a transition to partly cloudy skies during the afternoon. Later this evening, should start seeing things become more overcast with the onset of precip tonight. With some nice sunshine and light southerly winds, temperatures should rise into the lower to lower 60's today...my guess is to around 62....but if cloud cover rapidly moves in early this morning, don't expect it to get above that...

Rain will try to move into the region late tonight and early on the day Wednesday. Current model output is predicting around .2" and I will stick with that assumption. So, expect to wake up to mostly cloudy skies and some possible light showers Wednesday morning, as well as a SW breeze. The rain should be gone by around 2PM, but not expecting a great deal of sunshine to return...we should have cloudy skies Wednesday as the cold front starts to stale along the Carolinas and SE Coast after it's passage. With rain-cooled air and cloudy skies, the highs should range from the mid to upper 50s...so around 58°.

Still a chance of some light showers and drizzle on Thursday morning with light SE winds. Keeping a chance of rain/drizzle in the forecast all day for Thursday as we bring in moisture and the area is under some divergence aloft at 10,000'. Temperatures on Thursday should be in the upper 50's, but we may get into the mid-60s if we see some sunshine in the afternoon. Our next weather maker will be situated over southern Missouri on Thursday evening and will arrive on Friday.

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