Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean enters the SW Gulf of Mexico

Dean has crossed the Yucatan Peninsula and has moved over into the Bay of Campeche of the Gulf of Mexico.  Here are the latest stats:
As of 5pm:
Location:  19.4N, 91.3W
Movement:  W @ 20mph
Max Winds:  80mph
Minimum Pressure:  970mb
Gusts to 200mph battered the eastern Yucatan, as Dean made landfall as a Cat 5, the worst they come.  Some reports indicate that the storm surge from this storm was up to 23 feet. 
High pressure will help steer Dean well south of the U.S.  Dean may grow back into a major hurricane (Cat 3 or more) before making a second landfall in Mexico, on the Emerald Coast.  Dean will likely be a Cat 2 at landfall, but he may grow just a little above the Cat 3 level.  After Dean makes landfall, he will rapidly loose hurricane status and will bring flooding rains to the higher elevations.  The next few days may bring the remnants of Dean into the SW of the U.S.

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