Thursday, August 16, 2007

Severe cell over central Virginia

This is a couple snapshots of a severe storm that was said to have produced 1" diameter hail in central Virginia earlier this evening.

This is a 3-D look at the cell. The bright pink area above the radar image is the hail core of the storm. The red area trailing the pink is the updraft and possible hail that is being held up by the storm. A later image, 5 minutes later, shows the core collapsing and falling toward the ground.

Here is another image taken of the cell. As you can see the tops on this cell were over 30,000 ft. This is what a typical single-cell thunderstorm looks like in a cross-section....this is the type of thunderstorm we see around hear and is typically referred to as a "garden-variety thunderstorm."

Although this storm wasn't located in the NRV, I thought it was interesting as it was said to have produced some very large hail for central and western Virginia.

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