Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TS Dean & newly formed TS Erin

Well folks, we have another named system out in the Gulf this morning.  Tropical Storm Erin has formed and is heading for southern Texas.  I don't see this storm having too bad of an effect, but Texas has had it's share of flooding is the major concern.  3-5 inches, with some areas seeing higher amounts are possible.  Here's the stats on Erin:
As of 1pm:
Location:   26.0W, 93.8N
Movement:  WNW @ 12mph
Max winds:  40mph
Min pressure:  1005mb
Dean however is the system to be watching.  A new update for it will be out around I'll check up on it and post again around 6 or 7 tonight.  No more posts will be issued for Erin, as she is only forecast to stay at TS strength and is about to make landfall.

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