Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hurricane Dean

The latest on Dean:

As of 11pm:
Location: 14.1N, 58.7W
Movement: West @ 25mph
Max winds: 100mph
Minimum pressure: 976mb

Dean looks to continue to strengthen as he heads west through the southern Caribbean. We're expecting Dean to reach Cat 4 strength as he swings through or just south of Jamaica. Right now, Dean looks to make landfall in the Yucatan, then head out into the SW Gulf of Mexico. If for some reason, Dean just swings a little further north, a U.S. landfall will be possible, and Dean will likely grow back quickly into a major hurricane as he reaches the very warm waters of the Gulf. Tomorrow should tell the tale of where Dean will go, and we'll likely have a better idea if he will go through the Yucatan or just north of it. I'll post again tomorrow when new data and model runs come in.

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