Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009 UPDATE

Sorry for no weather update this morning...I work from 6AM through mid-day on Fridays. I will not be able to update the forecast over the weekend (headed out of town until Monday), so I will give a short forecast now.

Highs into the lower 80s under mostly sunny skies and a light breeze.

Slightly warmer...highs into the mid 80s for the NRV with sunny conditions. A light breeze is also possible.

Highs will be around 80 for the start of the work week it will be sunny.

I also wanted to show this radar is take from the KGSP radar in South Carolina. The storms on the radar are in west-central North Carolina. While my fiancee, Sarah, and I were sitting outside this evening we watched lighting across the southern sky....about 10 strikes per minute. I came back in and snapped this radar image showing the radar strikes and our position to the storm. I also circled the distance to the storms...right at 79 pretty impressive. This is what old-timers call "heat lightning" because of the warm temperatures we had today and no audible thunder. This isn't a type of just don't hear the thunder since sound doesn't travel as far as light does.

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